Historical Sam Houston Pen Collection

This Historical Sam Houston Pen Collection features Texas pecan planted by Sam Houston at his Huntsville home, circa 1847.

Houston's granddaughter told the story of the pecan tree: "Returning home from a trip [Houston] pulled a pecan sapling from the ground to use as a makeshift buggy whip. Once home, he noticed the sapling's roots were intact & planted it in his yard." For 127 years this tree grew, but succumbed in 1974. From preserved sections of that same pecan tree, Eagle Pen Co. built this series.

The pen cap features original artwork by Lynn Peterson. Using an 1861 Matthew Brady photograph of Houston for reference, Lynn Peterson hand-painted a miniature work in aged, sepia tone gouache.

This pen series is a limited edition - with only 45 pens in the series. From start to finish, concept to construction, Eagle pens are made & assembled in America. We collaborate with select artists, jewelers, & machinists to create limited edition works.

Length - 5 1/4" capped, 6 1/2" posted

Weight - 1.8 oz

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