Vintage Hermès Scarf in Celebration of the U.S. Bicentennial - Red

This is an original vintage Hermes scarf by designer Hugo Grygkar, circa 1976. The scarf is entitled "Arms of the United States" and depicts all of the state seals of the 50 American states. The scarf design was first issued in 1955, and was later reissued in celebration of the United States' bicentennial in the year 1976 in honor of the 200th year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The design features the 50 states seals in bright gold coloring, set against a deep red background and royal blue border. An inset map of the United States is featured in red in the center. The iconic Hermes copyright mark is printed at bottom in black. This colorway allows for very stark contrasts and features the colors of the American flag; red, white, and blue.

Hugo Grygkar (1907-1959) was famous designer, illustrator and commercial artist during the 20th century. He worked for Hermes as a carre designer, producing extravagant designs on square silk scarves. Grygkar's designs were so famous that he became known as the "father of the carre" for Hermes, and soon became the primary designer for the Hermes company.


Overall very good condition. Tell-tale signs of authenticity including hand-rolled edges, 100% silk composition, and copyright mark "Hermes Paris" are all present. Colors are fresh and vibrant. Scarf has been framed according to conservation standards in a gold frame.

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