Herkimer Diamond and Gold Cuff Bracelet

Presented is a Herkimer Diamond and Gold Cuff Bracelet, from jewelry designer BoBo. The gold-fill open cuff features three stunning Hekimer diamonds. The diamonds are in their raw stone form and varying in shape and color, from clear to smokey grey. 

Herkimer diamonds are the highly lustrous geometric deposits of crystal quartz found exclusively in limestone caves of Herkimer, New York. With a diamond-like double-terminated shape and a 0.5+ increase in hardness from regular quartz on the Mohs scale, the geological information stored in these nearly 500 million year old stones make them powerful amplifiers of energy, companions for meditation and renewal. 

BoBo is a women and mens jewelry line, based out both LA and New York City. "Making a thing of beauty, and something that will last, potentially for decades, has great value to me, and is my legacy. I take pride in creating quality handmade jewelry that is made to last. My designs are inspired from everything in my life. Nature has always been a huge influence in my designs. Inspiration can come in many hidden forms. I've learned to pay close attention to the details in the world around me, taking advantage of the beauty found everywhere. That's when my imagination bursts with new creative ideas."

  • 3 Raw Herkimer Diamonds
  • Gold-filled open cuff
  • 5 1/4" cuff with 1" cuff opening 


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