Harry Leather Adjustable Belt

Presented is the "Harry" Leather Adjustable Belt from Phantasmagoria Leather. The "Harry" features a rich, vegetable-tanned leather belt and handsome silver buckle. 

Founded in Colorado in 1967, all Phantasmagoria Leather belts are made entirely by hand in Denver. This includes cutting, edging or beveling, and staining the strap.

All belts are made from vegetable-tanned leathers, tanned in two of the finest tanneries in Europe. This tanneries use some of the oldest tanning processes, using tannins from such plants as oak, sumac, chestnut, and quebracho. A characteristic of vegetable-tanned leather is that color can change when exposed to natural or artificial light. The vegetable-tanning also cleaner and thus more friendly to the environment.

The silver buckle is fastened with Chicago screws, which allow you to shorten the belt or interchange buckles.

Size 40. 

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