Historical Woods 1776 Red Letter Edition Pens

These historic 1776 Red Letter Edition Pens are beautiful and unique pieces of American history. Each pen is hand-painted by an award winning miniature artist taking 8-10 hours to complete. The woods for each series is handcrafted from authentic pieces of history starting as early as the 18th Century.  Each collector series is numbered and limited and includes a custom made fountain pen, which can be converted into a standard rollerball, a limited bottle of red ink, and an actual piece of the historic wood in a glass vial for display purposes.

Declaration of Independence Edition is based upon the iconic painting by John Trumbull of the original signers of the Declaration, gathered for the Second Continental Congress. The Declaration of Independence Red Letter Pen is limited to an exclusive 76 total pieces. The chestnut used is from the only remaining original timber beam used in construction of Independence Hall in 1735.  Independence Hall remains hallow ground as it is here that our forefathers declared our independence and nominated George Washington as our first Commander-in-Chief. 

White House Edition is limited to an exclusive 30 total pieces. This edition features pine that was built into the White House Executive Mansion in 1815 as part of the restoration effort fooling the infamous burning by the British. The hand-painted, miniaturist rendition is based on the earliest known photograph ever taken of the White House. The wood was built into the White House in 1815 under James Madison and removed in 1927 during remodeling under Calvin Coolidge.

George Washington Crossing the Delaware Edition is limited to an exclusive 76 total pieces.  This edition features historic wood hewn from "The Georgia Tree" planted by George Washington as well as a masterfully hand-painted, miniaturist rendition of the now famous scene. The painting is done in black and white because of its reference to the original engraving which originally had no color. 

As purveyors of the world's most unique writing instruments with a goal of bringing the luxury pen back to America. From start to finish each pen is hand crafted by passionate artisans throughout the United States with final production overseen for consistency, clarity, and craftsmanship.

Handcrafted in Maryland, USA

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