Guitar: The World’s Most Seductive Instrument

An obsessive, full-color book presented in an irresistible slipcase, this coffee table book Guitar features 200 instruments in stunning detail. Here are icons, like Prince’s "Yellow Cloud," Willie Nelson’s “Trigger,” Muddy Water’s "Thunderbird," and "Rocky" lovingly hand-painted by its owner, George Harrison. 

The book profiles historic instruments, like Fender’s Broadcaster, Les Paul’s “Log,” the Gibson Nick Lucas Special, the very first artist model. Guitar spotlight's hand-carved archtops, pinnacles of the luthier’s art, from John D’Angelico to Ken Parker. It also profiles stunning acoustics from a new wave of women builders, like Rosie Heydenrych of England, who’s known to use 5,000-year-old wood retrieved from a peat bog. The book is rounded out with quirky one-of-a-kind guitars, like Linda Manzer’s Pikasso II—four necks, 42 strings, and a thousand pounds of pressure.
Marrying pure visual pleasure with layers of information, Guitar is a glorious gift for every guitar-lover. 

David Schiller is an author of eclectic interests whose books include The Little Zen Companion, The Little Book of Prayers, and Guitars, among others. His books and calendars have more than 2 million copies in print. He lives in New York.

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