Grant and Sherman Signatures Collage

This historical item celebrates two of the most influential Union leaders of the Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman. This one-of-a-kind collage pairs an original Sherman signature with one of U.S. Grant. The bottom card, dated 20 March 1876, is signed and inscribed by Sherman reading “With compliments, W. T. Sherman General.” The central element is an order sheet signed by Grant. The sheet includes not just Grant’s signature in the middle, but William H. Seward’s and Hugh McCulloch’s signatures as well. Every one of these men played a significant role in the Civil War: Sherman as a noteworthy general, Grant as his commanding officer and general of the army, Seward as Lincoln’s Secretary of State, and McCulloch as Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury. The sheet is an order form for The Lincoln Family in 1861 engraving, for which Grant, Seward, and McCulloch each ordered an artist’s proof in circa 1873.

Together, Grant and Sherman formed the most important and successful military partnership of the Civil War. As a General in Chief and Commander of United States Armies, Grant and Sherman worked on a larger canvas than Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson—the Confederacy’s preeminent team—and proved indispensable to saving the Union. 

Both Ohio-born leaders experienced personal and professional setbacks during the antebellum years, but during the Civil War discovered they could rely on each other. Abraham Lincoln and the citizens of the United States relied on them as well. As the president explained in March 1864, Grant’s elevation to lieutenant general represented the “nation’s appreciation of what you have done and its reliance upon you for what remains to do in the existing great struggle….I scarcely need to add that with what I here speak for the nation goes my own hearty personal concurrence.” 

Sherman and Grant fought from the spring of 1862 until the end of the Civil War, directing storied campaigns in the Western and Eastern theaters and presiding over the surrenders of the two principal Rebel armies in April 1865.


Overall very good condition. The card signed by Sherman is mildly toned, as expected with age, but is otherwise free of any notable damage. The order sheet signed by Grant, Seward, and McCulloch has one horizontal crease and two minor stains, but no text is obscured. The signatures are all in dark ink and legible. The copy of Lincoln’s Family in 1862 is newly printed and in fine condition, as are the two photographs of Sherman and Grant. All elements are framed together according to the highest archival standards including acid-free matting and UV protective glass. 

Framed dimensions: 31" H x 54" W x 1 1/2" D.

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