Grant and Hepburn Collage

Featuring autographs from Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, this collage showcases the friendship between two remarkable actors. Sitting below a photograph of Grant and Hepburn, a card reads, “Thanks Cary Grant” in slanted, dark ink. Just below that, a photograph of Hepburn speaking with Grant on the set of Charade is autographed by Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn is still one of today’s household Hollywood names. Born in Belgium, she began her career in dance and theater. Hepburn was an instant star after her first Hollywood movie, Roman Holiday, and her successful career took off from there. She became one of the few actresses to win an Emmy, Tony, Grammy, and an Academy Award throughout her career. Much of her later years were spent working as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, raising awareness for children in need around the world.

Cary Grant, born in the United Kingdom, was also one of the most famous actors in America. Named Archibald Alexander Leach, he later officially changed his name to Cary Grant believing it to be a better actor name. He was best known for his charming and handsome character portrayals in romantic comedies. However, the talented actor played in many action roles as well as an alluring villain. In 1999, Grant was ranked second in the American Film Institute’s list of 100 greatest film stars of all time.

Grant and Hepburn are shown together on the set of Charade in the autographed photo at the bottom of the collage. This 1963 movie was a romantic comedy and mystery film. Starring both actors, Hepburn and Grant became good friends after Charade, and maintained a close relationship afterwards. The well-received movie involved love, theft, murder, and plenty of shocking twists. Both actors and film were beloved by Hollywood and the actors’ careers are still celebrated today.


Overall very good condition. The pencil signature by Cary Grant is clear and dark. The card is clean with no notable damage. The photo autographed by Audrey Hepburn is signed in clear, dark marker. The photo has no notable damage and does not show signs of fading. At the top, the reproduction photograph of the two actors embracing is in fine condition. All elements are framed together according to the highest archival standards in a custom-built frame.

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