Golden Pheasant Fountain Pen

The wood used in this one of a kind, hand-painted pen is Huanghuali.  Huanghuali, which translates to “ancient flowering pear,” was the wood of the Qing Dynasty royalty (1644-1912). It was harvested to extinction for use in creating royal thrones, cups, tables, and beds. Huanghualli wood is available today only in small quantities from the few carpenters allowed to work on the remaining pieces and furniture that come up for auction.  A few years ago, a Huanghuali dining table set sold at Christie's for over 6 million dollars.  

To complement the rich wood in the pen body, miniature artist Lynn Peterson hand-painted golden pheasants on the pen cap. The painting on the cap was on top of gold foil, made to mimic the lacquer boxes seen during the Qing dynasty.  The golden pheasants themselves feature diamond dust in the colorful feathers, capturing the natural iridescence of the beautiful birds.   The entire pen is sealed with a glassy lacquer, protecting the artwork and Huanghuali for generations more.

Lynn Peterson, a world-renowned and accomplished miniature artist, creates special gouache and oil pen lines for Eagle Pen Company. Each pen is truly unique and requires, on average, 8 to 12 hours to complete. Lynn’s abilities to paint in such detail and to paint directly on the round surface of the pen body are unmatched. She honed these abilities as a young artist, painting on the shells of quail and duck eggs. 

Pen Specifications: 

This pen comes as a fountain pen with a complimentary rollerball writing kit. Ink for both fountain pen and rollerball are included. Pen is constructed of solid, surgical-grade stainless steel. Huanghuali wood in the pen body. Gold foil, oil and gouache paint, and diamond dust are incorporated into the hand-painted pen cap. Pen is sealed in clear lacquer.

  • Weight - 46 grams 
  • Length closed - 5" 
  • Length with cap posted - 6" 
  • Nib - Steel, medium Bock
  • Cartridge converter included
  • Edition Size- 1/1

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