God Save The King Printed Banner, circa 1930

This vintage celebratory banner reads, “GOD SAVE THE KING” in bold white and split red and blue letters, set against a red, white, and blue striped field. This English produced banner was printed in the 1930s. 

“God Save the King” banners were proudly waved by British citizens when a new monarch was crowned. This particular banner could have been for the celebration of two separate monarchs: King Edward VIII and King George VI. After the death of George V in 1936, his first born son Edward VIII ascended to the throne. His rule was short-lived, however, as he abdicated less than a year later. Edward’s younger brother, George VI, then ascended to the throne and was crowned May 12, 1937. By the time of his death, George VI was a celebrated hero of the British people, a symbol of determination, and an ardent supporter of Winston Churchill leading Britain through WWII. Dating from the 1930s, it is possible this flag celebrated not just one but two of the most famous British monarchs of recent history.


Overall very good condition. Some wear and creasing  is visible from past display. Minimal soiling present from age, but otherwise no notable damage to the piece. The banner is beautifully framed according to archival standards to protect against further damage and is housed behind UV protective glass. Framed dimensions : 38" H x 43 ½” W x 2 ½”D.

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