George Patton Autographed Collage

Offered is a collage celebrating General George S. Patton Jr. This collage features Patton's signature on an envelope postmarked January 20, 1919. Patton has signed the paper “Col. G.S. Patton Jr./Am. E.F. France.” Patton's neat signature appears on the left-most part of a free franked envelope, with “officers letter” written in Patton’s hand at right.

The franking privilege, which allows Members of Congress to transmit mail under their signature without postage, has existed in the United States since the first Continental Congress of 1774. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the franking privilege served a fundamental democratic role, allowing members of Congress to convey information about the operations of government and policy matters before Congress. The privilege was also extended to and from the commander in chief of the armies of the United States, commanders of a separate army, and to and from the heads of the Departments of Finance, of War, and of Foreign Affairs. This is how Patton was allowed to send this letter for free, with his signature in lieu of a postage stamp.

A senior officer in the U.S. Army, George S. Patton is best known for his aggressive and capable leadership during WWII. Patton began his military career leading cavalry troops against Mexican forces in the Pancho Villa Expedition. He became the first officer to be assigned to the Army Tank Corps in WWI and was steadily promoted through the ranks. During WWII, Patton led the U.S. 7th Army in its invasion of Sicily and swept across northern France at the head of the 3rd Army in the summer of 1944. Patton’s forces also played a key role in defeating the German counterattack in the Battle of the Bulge, after which he led them across the Rhine River and into Germany, liberating the country from the Nazi regime.


Overall very good condition. Cut envelope shows very small tears around edges and light toning. No severe wear, and nothing that affects signature. Signature is legible, in black ink. Partial postmark stamp seen at right. Framed with a black and white photo of Patton in full uniform. Framed according to conservation standards in a dark frame.

Framed dimensions: 28" H x 18" W x 2" D.

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