George C. Marshall Signed Letter to E. M. Jenkins, 1942

Presented is a World War II-dated typed letter signed by General Marshall to his friend E. M. Jenkins with Christmas greetings and New Years salutations for 1943. 

The letter is typed on official four-star General letterhead and dated December 17, 1942. Marshall writes from Washington, in full: "Dear Buddy, Your Christmas greetings gave me an address other than the Ranch so I am sending you this note with the compliments of the Season and the hope that all is well with you. Domo has kept me somewhat advised regarding you but only in a very sketchy fashion. Our Leesburg place is leased from the middle of September to the first of June to the same people who had it last year. We did get a great deal of pleasure out of it on Sundays of last summer following my return from England. With my very best wishes for the New Year." The letter concludes  “Faithfully yours,” with a blue pen signature “G. C. Marshall”

Considered one of the most respected military officers in U.S. history, George C. Marshall never actually commanded any troops in battle. His fame comes from his impactful plans and his stellar performance in tasks that a modern officer must perform, his diplomacy, and policy-making skills. Marshall served as a Staff Officer in WWI and was appointed Chief of Staff at the beginning of WWII. Despite assisting in the formation of Operation Overlord plans to invade Normandy, Marshall was held back at Washington by President Roosevelt who considered Marshall one of his most valuable resources. After the end of WWII, Marshall developed the Marshall Plan to aid the recovering Western Europe and attempt to protect it from Communism. President Truman asked Marshall to serve as the Secretary of Defense as the Korean War began and his reputation as a competent leader and good character earned him a spot in American history. 


In very good condition. One page typed letter on four-star General letterhead. Letter is dated December 17, 1942. Letter addressed to E. M. 'Buddy' Jenkins. Paper is blue speckled with light horizontal fold lines. Unframed. Dimensions: 10 ½” H x 7 ¼”W.

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