Gavel from Original White House Wood

Presented is a gavel made of wood procured from the White House during the Truman Reconstruction renovation project in 1950. The gavel was turned at the U.S. Capitol and produced during President Eisenhower's administration, 1953-1961. A small metal plaque is inlaid to the handle, embossed with the lettering, ''Original White House Material / Removed in 1950''.

The Truman Reconstruction was a comprehensive dismantling and rebuilding of the interior of the White House, between 1949-1952. Starting in 1951, The White House Restoration Commission sold White House material relics to help fund the restoration process. These White House relics were made from wood, nails, plaster, and bricks removed from the Executive Mansion and were sold to the public. The plaque on the gavel's head authenticates its White House origins. 


Fine condition. Gavel measures 10.25'' in length. 

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