Big Ass Brick of Soap

Accomplishment- The incredibly masculine scent of bergamot and black pepper evoke a feeling of drinking a fine Scotch in a wood-paneled den. Each brick of soap is 10 oz. and contains steel cut grains for maximum grip. 

Scent Eliminator- This ain't no squirrel hunting soap! This is big soap for big game hunting. Made with a unique formula that captures odors, smothers them, and prevents their release. It's like special forces combat mission against your scent. True hunters know that getting winded is not an option. 

Victory- This soap smells awesome (clean, fresh scent with a hint of grass) and contains steel cut grains for maximum gripability. If you enjoy activities like drinking American beer or using power tools, then frankly, this is the only soap meant for you. 

Productivity- For the early rising man who leads a life of productivity, this soap was created with a hint of Menthol to cool the skin and wake him up so he can get things done. This fresh mint smell soap also contains steel cut grains for maximum grip.

Naval Supremacy- While other blue soaps are named "Ocean Force" or "Summer Mist", this blue soap in the only one big enough to be named "Naval Supremacy." With a package sporting the official colors of the U.S. Navy, this superior grade product weighs in at a hefty 10 oz. and has steel cut grains for maximum grip. Has a very refreshing "ocean" scent. I

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