"Defiant Comanche" Mixed Media Sculpture by Chris Pardell

Presented is an original mixed-media sculpture by Chris Pardell, called "Defiant Comanche". The sculpture was produced in a limited edition by Legends, as number 167 of 950. The sculpture features the bust of Defiant Comanche Quanah Parker and was produced in 1991. The sculpture features the artist's signature "C.A. Pradell" in yellow ink on the font of the base, as well as an inscription of the artist's name on the back of the figure's sash.

Quanah Parker was a war leader of the Quahadi band of the Comanche Nation and a prominent figure in the Red River War. Quanah Parker was never elected chief by his people but was appointed by the federal government as principal chief of the entire Comanche Nation. He became a primary emissary of southwest indigenous Americans to the United States legislature.


Mixed-media sculpture with bronze, copper, pewter. Colorized. Sculpture body has no nicks, chips, or scratches.

Dimensions: 14" H x 6 1/2" W x 5" D.

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