"Defiant Comanche" Mixed Media Sculpture by Christopher Pardell

Presented is an original mixed-media sculpture by Christopher Pardell, called "Defiant Comanche". The sculpture was produced in a limited edition by Legends, as number 167 of 950. The sculpture features the bust of Defiant Comanche Quanah Parker and was produced in 1991. The sculpture features the artist's signature "C.A. Pradell" in yellow ink on the font of the base, as well as an inscription of the artist's name on the back of the figure's sash.

Quanah Parker was a war leader of the Quahadi band of the Comanche Nation and a prominent figure in the Red River War. Quanah Parker was never elected chief by his people but was appointed by the federal government as principal chief of the entire Comanche Nation. He became a primary emissary of southwest indigenous Americans to the United States legislature.

Christopher Pardell began sculpting at young age. Influenced by the work of renowned sculptors Russell, Remington, and Rodin, Pardell wanted to pursue his passion for realism. His formal education was laid aside in favor of an apprentice mold maker position with a statuary company. As an apprentice to the Italian master artisans who ran the statuary, Christopher rapidly learned the skills that would enable him to excel as an artist and earn the stature that has come with his success. Never sketching his designs on paper, Christopher composes all of his work in three dimensions, in a marquette. This unique approach explains the unparalleled beauty and detail that are the trademarks of his work. Christopher's exceptional style and special talent have served to impress even the most discriminating collector.

The sense of tragedy and drama of the Native American has long been an artistic theme of his. "I try to convey the spirit behind the Native American lifestyle. The sculptural nature of Native American dress, their use of dance as a metaphor for their vision of a world in constant motion, and their intriguing way of life all provide a rich field of composition and drama from which I create," Pardell says. Upon reflecting on what his art means to him, Pardell states, "I try to express myself through sculpture. It's all I've ever done. It's all I know how to do."


Mixed-media sculpture with bronze, copper, pewter. Colorized. Sculpture body has no nicks, chips, or scratches.

Dimensions: 14" H x 6 1/2" W x 5" D.

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