CXL Horween Horsehide #10 Card Wallet

Our Horween® Horsehide Collection of wallets and accessories are 100% American Made from American leather. All Horween® leather is tanned and finished in Chicago using both modern day and true old-world, artisan tanning procedures that they have perfected for more than 100 years.

The reason behind the design and build of this unique collection of wallets and belts from horsehide leather because of it's tight grain structure and minimal stretch. Aside from Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan, this is the finest leather for these products. The hides have a distinct, natural color backing and to finish, the edges are 100% done by hand with burnishing and antiquing them to a soft, but natural appearance. They are then completely sewn by hand with waxed Irish linen thread, all in San Diego, CA leather shop. The horsehide leather supply is very limited today and you will not see many of these products anywhere in the world.

The Horween® Horsehide wallets are thicker than your average wallet, but they will flatten and soften nicely with use. The rich patina that Horween® Horsehide develops is like no other leather. You will feel the quality every day you put the wallet in your hands.

The #10 Card Wallet is a great minimalist design that can easily hold up to 8 cards as well as your currency. Carries easily in a front pocket or back.

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