"Croix Rouge Américaine" Vintage French Red Cross WWI Poster, Circa 1918

This WWI poster features a woman wearing long robes holding a red cross symbol in her right hand and an American flag in her left. The figure is set in front of a yellow background with red and blue writing. The script reads, “Croix Rouge Américaine” at the top and “L’amitie des Etats Unis” at the bottom, translating to “American Red Cross; United States Friendship.” Printed by Devambez Grav. in Paris circa 1918. The poster is housed in a custom made archival frame.

This poster is dedicated to the friendship between the French and the American Red Crosses. Just as other countries did, Americans sent a significant amount of aid to the European countries fighting in WWI. France in particular received a lot of this attention. The country made up a large portion of the Western Front and saw some of the longest and bloodiest battles. Consequently, much of the general aid meant for soldiers went into France. Likewise, American soldiers serving in the war also received aid from the various Red Cross efforts. The International Red Cross as well as individual countries’ Red Crosses helped soldiers wounded in the field, delivered aid packages to prisoners of war, nursed the sick when illnesses broke out, and provided assistance to orphaned children. The aid groups worked to assist and prevent further outbreaks of illnesses such as the Spanish Influenza and Typhus, that killed an estimated 2 million soldiers. Prisoners of war from all sides also received aid through various Red Crosses, and occasionally they negotiated the soldiers’ return.  By the end of the war, almost ⅓ of the American population claimed membership or volunteered with the American Red Cross totaling 8 million adult volunteers.


Overall very good condition. Minimal foxing from age, otherwise no obvious damage, tears, or loss. The frame is custom made with archival materials and UV protective glass.

Framed dimensions: 34” H x 14” W x 1.5” D

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