Crossed Oar and Hook Trophy, Circa 1900

Presented is a silver trophy, circa 1900. This unique trophy features two large elements, a rower's oar and a boat hook, crossed in front of the trophy's cup. The trophy design is quite simple, and would have been proudly awarded to a winner in a boating race or competition. Based on the styling of the oar at left, the trophy was most likely awarded to the winner of a rowing competition. There are no names or dates inscribed in the silver as to reveal the recipient of the prize. The silver trophy has some subtle rope-like embellishments at the base of the silver and along the stem. The piece rests on a dark wooden base.


Overall very good condition. No significant markings, besides very slight scuff marks and slight discoloration. No previous owner's markings. Well maintained and very good quality, especially considering age.

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