"Chief Wolf Robe Cheyenne" Early Copy Photograph by Frank A. Rinehart, Circa 1898

This is a collage featuring a photo of Chief Wolf Robe of the Southern Cheyenne and a Benjamin Harrison 1890 Peace Medal. The photo was originally taken by Frank A. Rinehart in 1898 and this is one of his early original printings. Both the medal and photograph are presented in an attractive archival frame. 

 Chief Wolf Robe was the leader of the Southern Cheyenne until his death in 1910. In the portrait, Wolf Robe can be seen wearing his Peace Medal. He was awarded the Benjamin Harrison Peace Medal for his work on the Cherokee Commission. The purpose of the Cherokee Commission was to find a way for the U.S. to legally acquire Cherokee land and negotiate the cession of the land and titles into the United States. Peace Medals began featuring the U.S. presidents who awarded them beginning with Thomas Jefferson. President Benjamin Harrison was the last to issue these medals featuring contemporary presidents. The bronze medal presented here is one of the last medals of its kind, produced in 1890, and had been adorned in a woven string decorated with colorful beads. The collage features this Presidential Peace Medal as well as a true example of Chief Wolf Robe proudly wearing his own in his portrait. 

Frank Albert Rinehart (February 12, 1861-December 17,1928) was an American artist famous for his drawings, paintings, and photographs depicting Native American personalities and scenes, especially the leaders and members of the delegations who attended the 1898 Indian Congress in Omaha. Together with his assistant Adolph Muhr (who would later be employed by the famous photographer Edward S. Curtis), they produced what is now considered "one of the best photographic documents of Indian leaders at the turn of the century." After the Indian Congress, Rinehart and Muhr traveled the reservations for two years, portraying Native American leaders who had not attended the event, as well as depicting general aspects of the indigenous everyday life and culture.


Overall very good condition. The early printing 19th century photograph has some scratching throughout and distressed edges, as expected with age. The “Copyright 1898 F. A. Rinehart” is clearly visible at the bottom left corner of the photo as well as the title “Chief Wolf Robe” in the center. The top of the medal where it is punctured for suspension is slightly worn from use but the words “BENJAMIN HARRISON” are still clearly legible around the perimeter. Both medal and photograph are framed according to archival standards.

Framed dimensions: 33" H x 17.5" W x 2.5" D

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