Live & Let Live Hand-Painted American Eagle

Offered is a stunning, hand-carved and hand-painted eagle. The eagle is depicted in mid flight, with both wings widely extended. The eagle holds a ribbon in its beak, which reads "Live and let live" with blue lettering and two small anchors on each end. The eagle also clutches a shield in its talons with blue stars against a white canton, red stripes, and gold accents.

The style of the eagle, with arched wings and a sharply curved beak, resembles those done by John Bellamy. Bellamy became famous for his intricately carved eagles that were frequently designed for ships. This carved eagle most likely dates to the early to mid 20th century.


Overall very good condition. Vibrant original paint. Some chipping and surface damage visible, specifically on the curves of the white banner.

Dimensions: 16” H x 45” W x 4”D.

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