Carlotta Tray

Jan Barboglio began sculpting accessories and furniture for her own home, after many years designing clothing with her sister. Her childhood, spent in north central Mexico, would prove to be fertile ground for inspiration, and every object created by her would carry with it the rich history and romance of old Mexico. Jan Barboglio's original iron designs led the way for her current and extensive home accessories line. The Jan Barboglio Collection has since flourished into crosses and crowns, fleur-de-lis and scrolls, wildflowers and roses, guardian angels and symbolic bleeding hearts.

This Carlotta Tray is perfect as a bar or vanity tray. Its hand-forged iron detailing gives it an old world look. Tray is footed with ball detailing to match. 

Tray dimensions: 17" W x 21" L x 3" H.

Made in Texas, USA. 

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