Bronze Bust of George Washington, 20th Century

Presented is a handsome bronze bust of George Washington. Showing Washington’s head and full chest, the 20th century bronze depicts him in his military uniform and looking slightly left with a determined expression. The bronze is beautifully patinated and sits atop a simple, stately base.

Portraying the first president of the United States in wonderful detail, this bronze statue highlights Washington’s military career rather than his political. Washington earned his fame and honor through his early military service during the French and Indian War and then solidified his place in history as the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Continental Army. George Washington is reported to have disliked sitting for portraits, but when he did, Washington preferred to don his military uniform. He elected to present himself as a commander and leader of men rather than as a politician, referring back to his greatest accomplishments in the American Revolutionary War. This elegant bust is a wonderful portrait of the ‘Father of Our Country’ and a beautifully crafted work.


Overall very good condition. Unmarked. The 20th century bronze statue has a nice overall patina. Some wear at the very top of the head, but otherwise no notable damage.

Dimensions: 14” H x 10” W x 5 ½” D

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