Gettysburg Battlefield Maps - Set of Three Maps, Circa 1883

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This is the 1883 second edition (after the 1876 first edition) of John B. Bachelder’s three-part set of Gettysburg battlefield maps.  This is one of the finest early depiction of the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought on American soil, believed by many to have marked the turning point of the Civil War.  This scarce and desirable set is the ultimate for students of the Battle of Gettysburg.

These are extremely detailed topographic maps with spot elevations and contours for every change of four feet in elevation.  Details include drainage, vegetation, roads, railroads, fences, houses with names of residents, and a plan of the town of Gettysburg. 

Notes at upper right indicate that "Every object is represented here as near as possible as it was at the time of the battle."  A detailed analysis of the deployment of the various units of both armies, with the names of commanding officers, period of time spent in a particular position, and other pertinent information is given.  Dotted lines and arrows indicate troop movement and their positions at various times of the day.

This is John B. Bachelder's 1883 second edition set of maps -- published with the support and for the Secretary of War. 

John Bachelder (1825-1894) was a painter, lithographer, photographer and historian. Early in his career he produced an important and appealing body of work depicting sites and cities in the northeastern United States. On his own initiative he traveled to Gettysburg immediately after the battle, where he spent no fewer than 84 days traversing the field, making sketches, and interviewing witnesses to the events. Later that year he published a spectacular and detailed bird’s-eye view of Gettysburg, his first published depiction of the battlefield. He went on to become the preeminent 19th-century historian of the battle and for years served as director of the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association.

Framed Size of Each Map: 39 1/2" H x 32" W x 2" D

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