1917 Banque National de Credit WWI French Loan Poster by Georges Scott

This is a 1917 vintage WWI French lithographic poster by artist Georges Scott. The poster depicts Marianne, the female personification of the Republic, leading French troops into battle. In flowing robes, Marianne raises a sword over her head with hand; in her other hand she clutches a battle-torn French flag. In white script, against a darkened, bomber-filled sky, are the urgent phrases "Pour la Drapeau! Pour la Victoire!" (For the Flag! For Victory!). The image evokes Eugene Delacroix's famous 1830 painting, "Liberty Leading the People".  

At bottom, in black text, is a plea for the people of France to subscribe to the latest war loan as a way to achieve victory: "Souscrivez à l'emprunt national. Les souscriptions sont reçues a Paris et en Province a la Banque Nationale de Crédit. (Subscribe to the national loan. Subscriptions are received in Paris and in the provinces at the National Bank of Credit.)" France relied heavily on the willingness of its citizens to lend money to the government, in the form of war bonds. During the course of the war, France issued four national defense loans. By the end of 1917, the French population was increasingly war-weary and impoverished, so higher interest rates as well as extensive public relations campaigns, like this poster, were needed to sell government bonds.

The poster is signed and dated, in stone, by Georges Scott, 1917. Scott designed several wartime posters and was officially appointed Painter of the Army. He covered World War I in both France and the Balkans. 


This poster is in very good condition. It is newly linen backed and has been acid-neutralized. The poster has been archivally presented in a custom-built black wooden frame. Framed dimensions: 48" H x 32" W x 2 1/4" D.

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