48-Star American Flag Banner

Presented is a printed 48-star American flag banner. The dark blue canton features 48 white stars in 6 rows of 8 stars. The fly consists of 7 printed red and white stripes. The white hoist has two metal grommets at top and bottom. 

In 1912, following the admission of New Mexico and Arizona to the Union, two additional stars were added to the official U.S flag design. President Taft's Executive Order No. 1556, issued on June 24, 1912, standardized the canton of the stars on the U.S. flag to 6 even rows of 8 stars. The flag design is completed with 13 alternating red and white stripes, representing the original thirteen colonies. The 48 star flag flew from July 4, 1912 to July 3, 1949, a span of 47 years.


Good condition. Toning and surface dirt to flag. Scattered small holes. Flag is unframed, sold as-is. Dimensions: 30” H x 138” W

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