45-Star Patriotic Banner

Presented is a printed 45-star American flag banner, commemorating the state of Utah. The flag is uniquely designed with three horizontal stripes in blue, white, and red. The blue stripe at top features 45 white stars in 3 rows of 15 stars. The white stripe and red stripe that follow are blank. The white hoist has two metal grommets at top and bottom.  Utah became the 45th state in 1896.

The 45-star flag was used from 1896 until 1907, when Oklahoma joined the Union. Due to the 1898 Spanish-American War and Teddy Roosevelt’s famous world tour of the “White Fleet,” launched in 1907, this was an extremely patriotic period in our Nation’s history.


Good condition. Moderate toning and surface dirt to flag. Scattered small holes throughout, creasing to flag from past storage. Flag is unframed, sold as-is. Dimensions: 45” H x 65” W.

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