Silver-Plated Ashtray Adorned with Athletic Figure, Circa 1910

This is a silver-plated decorative ashtray, dated to 1910. The ashtray includes a circular base with three depressed slots for cigarettes. The tray is dramatically adorned with a running male figure, artfully rendered in mid-stride. The ashtray is designed with a sports theme, with the depiction of an athlete at center, and would have been a beautiful decorative item in any early 20th century home.

Even though the practice of smoking tobacco has been around since the 16th century, cigarettes did not achieve widespread popularity until the middle of the 19th. Not surprisingly, that’s also about the time when the first ashtrays appeared. Highly collectable, vintage ashtrays offer snapshots of the time period in which they were made. Styled in Art-Nouvou, Victorian, and Arts & Crafts styles, many of these trays feature themed decorative elements, celebrating the pastimes of the day.


Overall very good condition, especially considering past use. Slight tarnish to figure. No other severe damage is visible.

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