Antique Stoneware Ginger Beer Bottles, 19th Century

Presented are vintage ceramic ginger beer bottles from the 19th century. Ginger bottles are collected for their intricate and varied stamped designs, craftsmanship, or for the specific location of the ginger beer brand or bottler. 

Ginger beer was stored in stoneware bottles as far back as the 1830's. Hand thrown by potters, they were stamped with little more than the bottler's name, beverage type, and perhaps a city. Most were just slip glazed. The bottle design of ginger beer changed in the 1880's as a result of growing industrialization. Glazed bottles with stamped logos started to appear. These were still hand thrown, but were made to more precise standards and some came with shoulder slips. The brand or bottler’s stamped designs were wonderfully varied and creative. Examples include looped or cursive text, logos with steam locomotives or bicycles, different animals, catchy slogans, or more to attract the buyer's interest. 

Stone ginger beer bottles became less used in the 1920's, when buyers wanted their wares in glassware. Additionally, the introduction of refrigeration replaced the need for stoneware bottles to keep liquids cool. 


Stoneware ginger beer bottles, dates vary. Most glazed, with black or blue stamps. Heights vary, but most are in the range of 7 3/4" H  to 9" H.

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