Antique 1907 Antwerp Canine Society Medal Necklace

This is an antique silver medal from the Antwerp Canine Society, dating to 1907. The medal has Antwerp’s coat of arms, featuring a center shield with a castle and two open palms, enclosed in a wreath of six roses, surmounted by a crown, and held on each side by a man and woman, covered discreetly with ivy while holding mallets. Two dogs hold the coat of arms between them while a banner below reads, “Societe Canine Anversoise 1907.” The medal has been fashioned into a necklace by vintage jewelry designers, Intellectual Property. It is presented on a strand of pyrite beads with a sterling silver toggle. 

Searching the braderies and antique shops throughout Europe, the founders of Intellectual Property, Mary and Hallie, specialize in finding unique antique medals and  transforming them into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Their designs highlight the legacy and integrity of the original pieces, artfully bringing the past into the present.