Admirals of the Pacific Collage

Presented is a custom collage featuring signatures from some of the most influential American Navy admirals in World War II. Included is a typed letter signed by Chester Nimitz, a card signed by Raymond Spruance, a photo autographed by William Halsey, and a photograph signed and inscribed by Jack Fletcher. All elements are framed together in a custom built archival frame.

Chester Nimitz (1885-1966) was an American admiral, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet during World War II, and largely responsible for the successful "island-hopping" campaign against the Japanese. His portrait is shown at the top right and a typed letter on five-star admiral letterhead thanks Gordon Ringer for a copy of his poem. Nimitz signed the bottom of the letter in pencil.

William F. “Bull” Halsey (1882-1959) was an American admiral who led the task force attack on the Marshall and Gilbert islands and became commander of Allied naval forces in South Pacific commanding at the Solomon Islands and Leyte Gulf. Featured in the collage is a portrait of Halsey signed at the bottom right in black ink, “W.F. Halsey.”

Frank Jack Fletcher (1885-1973) was an American admiral who fought in the first three carrier battles in history: Coral Sea, Midway, and Eastern Solomons. He and his crew stayed out at sea in the Pacific immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor and successfully halted the progress of the Japanese Imperial Navy. After WWII, he occupied northern Japan and served on the Navy’s General Board. A portrait of Fletcher is signed and inscribed in black ink, “To Robert [illegible] with best wishes Frank Jack Fletcher.”

Raymond Spruance (1886-1969) was an American admiral who commanded a group of cruisers during WWII at the battles of Midway and Philippines Sea. He was known for his calm demeanor and effective leadership during times of crisis. After the war, he was appointed President of the Naval War College and then proceeded to Ambassador to the Philippines. His portrait is shown at the top left and a small card with the five-star admiral symbol at the top is signed “R.A. Spruance,”


Overall very good condition. The typed letter is signed in pencil and is dark and legible. Original fold lines are present and the paper is healthy. The signed card is also clearly legible and signed in black ink with one faint square stain and a minor scuff. The autographed photo of Halsey is signed clearly in dark ink and has some minor wear along the left side. The autographed and inscribed photo of Fletcher has no notable damage. The top two photos are newly printed. 

All elements are framed together according to the highest archival standards and includes acid-free matting and UV protective plexiglas. Framed dimensions: 36"H x 43"W x 2 1/2"D.

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