A Treasury of Reels: The Fishing Reel Collection of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, Limited Edition 81 of 100

This highly collected special edition compiled be Jim Brown features photographs by Bob O’Shaughnessy, with numerous reproductions of historic illustrations, and a tipped-in four-color process print frontispiece of an angling painting by John Swan titled "New Moon." Bound in original Niger-backed linen, matching clamshell box. No. 81 of 100 copies of a deluxe limited first edition.

An illustrated description of the evolution of the fly fishing reel based upon the entire catalog of reels in the American Museum of Fly Fishing. Each entry includes the name, manufacturer, model number, dimensions, weight, manufacturing materials, color, design features, engravings and other markings, provenance, descriptive notes, and museum accession number. 

Published in 1990

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