48 Star Grand Army of the Republic Commemorative, Circa 1920s

48-Star Four Brothers GAR Post 453 Commemorative Flag

Four Brothers GAR Post 453, named in honor of the four Lyons brothers who served in the Civil War, and was organized in Montrose, Pennsylvania on September 4, 1884.

Born to Nathan and Elizabeth Lyons, three of the brothers, Benjamin, Luke and Clark died during the war. The surviving brother, Captain Jerome Lyons, was discharged in October 1864 after three years of active duty service for wounds received in battle; he died three years later.

Jerome led the movement and was the architect who designed the Civil War Soldiers’ Monument erected on the green in Montrose in 1876. Monument Square, which lies between the courthouse and the County Historical Society, has four stone tablets on each side of the monument identifying a township in Susquehanna county with the names of the men who served in the Civil War.

The 48-star flag celebrates the inclusion of Arizona and New Mexico into the Union.

Actual Flag Size: 11.5” x 17”

Framed Size: 20" H x 25 3/4" W x 1 1/2" D

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