48-Star Cotton Printed "Leaning" Star Pattern Parade Flag

This is an original 48-star American parade flag, celebrating New Mexico and Arizona statehood. A wonderful product of our nations early history, this flag is an authentic antique, with a fly date of 47 years, from July 4, 1912 to July 3, 1958. 

Prior to the introduction of the 48-star flag with the admission of New Mexico and Arizona  to the Union in 1912, no legislation existed regarding the official proportions, sizes, and pattern for stars on the American flag. As a result, many Americans designed the starry canton of their homemade flags to their own whim, in medallion, spiral, and flower star configurations. Coinciding with the introduction of the 48 star flag in 1912, President William Howard Taft passed an Executive Order #1637 on June 24, 1912. The order established the official proportions of the flag and the arrangement of the stars, being six horizontal rows of eight, with each star pointing upward.

This flag has an 8/8/8/8/8/8 starred row pattern, yet it is unique in that the 48-stars on the canton are leaning, not printed pointing directly upward. 

This flag parade flag is also known as a “flag waver” because of the fact that it normally was sold or given out at patriotic events and waved. This flag would have been attached to a small, round stick, which is no longer present. Parade flags differ from typical pieced-and-sewn flags in that they were not often manufactured to survive long periods being flown from a flag staff.  They were often intended to be used for a particular event and then discarded. As such, finding and collecting early parade flags, or even later parade flags with unique star patterns, can be a fun endeavor for any serious Americana collector. 


This flag is printed and in good condition, considering age and past use. Hoist end has been removed from original waver stick. Machine stitched edges. Faint stain to top corner of the fly end of flag. Printed color remain intact, with light fading of the blue canton; red and white stripes still vibrantly colored.  Hoist end has been removed from original waver stick. A series of small attachment holes remain, from where the stick was attached. Flag measures 12" H x 15" W. 

This flag has been artfully presented, mounted floating in a custom-built wooden frame with a gold spandrel. Framed dimensions: 19 1/2" H x 22 1/2" W x 1 1/4" D.

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