46-Star American Flag Waver on Stick, Circa 1908

Presented is a flag waver from 1908 with 46 stars. This small flag waver, commonly printed to wave in parades, celebrates Oklahoma statehood. Oklahoma was admitted into the Union in November of 1907 and the flag was officially adjusted to include the new state on the 4th of July the following year.

This small flag waver was a popular item in the early 20th century and could have been used in rallies, parades, or other large events. The printed flag features a row pattern of stars against a dark blue canton with red and white stripes.


Overall good condition, considering age and use. Original printed flag presented on wooden dowel. Some light staining and discoloration across field. Framed in a custom, archival shadow box frame.

Framed dimensions: 10 ½” H x 9" W x 1 ½” D.

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