44-Star Printed American Flag, Unique Triple Medallion Pattern, 1890

This is a 44-star triple medallion flag printed on cotton, circa 1891. The flag celebrates Wyoming statehood, which was granted in 1890. The star configuration features a rare, triple medallion pattern with a center star, three rings of stars, and four outlying stars. Thirteen alternating red and white stripes complete the flag’s design.

Bills for Wyoming statehood were introduced in both the U.S. Senate and House in December 1889. The House passed the bill March 27, 1890. President Benjamin Harrison signed Wyoming's statehood bill on July 10, 1890. Despite this, Wyoming was not officially represented on the American flag until 1891. Since 1818, it was customary for a new star, representative of a newly admitted state, to be added to the flag on the 4th of July following the statehood date. In this case, the forty-fourth star for Wyoming was not added until almost an entire year after its statehood date. The American flag flew with 44 stars for a period of 5 years, until Utah was admitted into the Union in 1896.

The star count and particular star configuration make this 44-star flag quite rare. Following the 38-star flag, official flags were more commonly produced with a more traditional row pattern. Thus, the intricate triple medallion and outlying stars pattern is quite extravagant and rare for this period.


Overall very good condition considering age and use. Printed on cotton. Blue canton has not faded and is very brilliantly colored. Stars are crisp, with only two small stains. Thirteen red and white stripes, alternating. First, sixth, and eight red stripes have noticeable scattered stains, due to past water exposure. Hoist and fly edge are sewn. Flag measures 23 ½”H x 29 ¾”W. 

Framed according to conservation standards in a custom built black and gold frame with UV plexiglas and a custom gold-leaf plaque. Framed Dimensions: 33" H x 38 1/2" W x 1 1/2" D.

Accompanied by our company's letter of authenticity.

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