40-Star Parade Flag Printed on Muslin, Commemorating South Dakota, Circa 1889

Presented is a 40-star "unofficial" printed flag. This parade flag celebrates South Dakota statehood, which was granted along with North Dakota on November 2, 1889. In addition to North and South Dakota, there were two other states admitted to the union in the same year. Thus, there was never an official 40-star flag issued, making this parade flag an unofficial flag.

This 40-star flag was printed on muslin. It features a whimsical, dancing stars pattern against a dark blue canton. The stars are in a 7-6-7-7-6-7 configuration.

South Dakota was granted statehood on the same day as North Dakota, following a 12 year period since the last state was admitted into the Union in 1876. Since 1818, it was standard for all newly admitted states to be represented with an additional star on the American flag. This change was put into place on the 4th of July following the day of statehood. While North and South Dakota were admitted jointly on the same day, Montana and Washington both followed shortly after, on November 8 and November 11 of the same year.


Printed 40-star unofficial flag in very good condition, including vibrant coloring and no significant wear. Fold line in center is apparent, with only very minimal loss to coloring. The flag has been framed according to conservation standards in a black and gold frame.

Framed dimensions: 24 ½” H x 18 ½” W x 2” D.

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