40-Star American "Dakotas" Flag, Circa 1889

The 40-star American flag is exceedingly rare due to the fact that most people anticipated the 39th state to be the Dakotas, not two states of North Dakota and South Dakota.  Therefore, 39 star flags are relatively easy to locate.  The jump to 40 stars required people to rapidly adjust to the two Dakotas, but before many people could produce 40 star flags in response, Montana's introduction just 6 days later made 40 star flags obsolete almost immediately.  Therefore, very few 40 star flags exist today, as very few were produced.

The body of the flag is constructed of wool, with 40 machine-sewn, double-applique cotton stars configured in 8/8/8/8/8 horizontal rows. The fly is constructed of 13 machine-sewn stripes. The hoist is made of cotton with jute rope. 

Very rare, unofficial star count. South Dakota, the 40th state, joined the Union on November 2, 1889, and was followed six days later by the 41st state, Montana. Ca 1889.

Unframed Size: 48"x 80"


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