39-Star Patriotic "Unoffical Flag" Bandana, Circa 1876-1889

This is a patriotic textile featuring a 39-star flag surrounded by other flags of the world.

The 39-star flag was never an official flag of America. The reason there never was an “official“ 39-star flag, it legally never existed. The makers of 39-star flags gambled on the possibility of the Dakota Territory entering the Union without companions in 1877, and lost. Congress divided the Territory and admitted the two Dakotas, Montana, Washington, and Idaho together in 1889.

Making this specific patriotic piece of American folk extremely unique. There is a chance that this item was created around the time of the 1876 Centennial celebration in anticipation of the Dakotas coming into the Union the following year and was used in that year’s grand celebration.

Framed Size: 26 in. 31 in. 2.5 in. D

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