38-Star Printed Flower and Petals Design, Circa 1876

This is a 38-star “Great Flower Pattern” American Centennial parade flag, celebrating Colorado Statehood and the 100th anniversary of our Nation's Independence.  

This particular printed flag features a vertically-oriented flower and petals design. Four bold clusters of eight stars rest like white blossoms at each corner, while four single stars sit midway along each side of the canton. At center is a magnificent and large five pointed star, with a small five pointed star at its core.  The flag’s design is completed by thirteen alternating red and white stripes. 

The Centennial celebration took place in Philadelphia in 1876 and all manner of flags were made for the official Centennial International Exposition, which was a World’s Fair event of massive scale.  Flags were not only made for the fair, of course, but were also produced for general celebrations of this important anniversary nationwide. Stars printed in a medallion arrangement became popular with Americans who wanted some variation from “row” patterns that prevailed on the 45, 46, and 48 star flags.

A wonderful celebration of our nation’s early history, this flag is an authentic antique, dating circa 1876.  


The flag is in good condition. The flag has minimal toning to the fabric. It has nice, strong color, with little bleed between the red and white stripes. There are several small losses in the stripes.

The 38-star flag is archivally presented floating on a tan linen bottom mat. It is housed in a custom black and gold frame. Framed Size: 36" H x 27" W x 1 1/4" D.

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