38-Star American Flag, Printed on Linen with Patent Date "April 26, 1870" and Handwritten Inscription Dated 1901

Presented is an original 38-star flag printed on linen. This American flag features printed stars and a patent date label of April 26, 1870, printed on the hoist end. The flag also features the inscribed initials "L.F.T." and handwritten inscription "Sparta '88" on the front side. On verso is the inscription "Camp Rochelle/ Aug. 3rd to 19th/ 1901, Oakland Beach" along the hoist end near the top grommet.

This 38-star flag celebrates the admittance of Colorado into the Union. Colorado became a state on August 1st of 1876, as the 38th state to be admitted into the Union. The 38-star flag was officially issued the following July 4th in 1877, and remained the official flag variant for 13 years.

One thing that makes this flag particularly intriguing is the fact that the hoist end bears the inscription “Patent April 26, 1870.” This patent date is prior to the issuance of the 38-star flag. Instead, this patent refers to John Holt’s adjustments and improvements to the production of press dyed flags in the United States. Patented by Holt in 1870, the improvements of the patent were controlled by the United States Bunting Company. The United States Bunting Company manufactured numerous flags for both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy. This flag was most likely developed by the U.S. Bunting Company for sale to the civilian market during the Centennial celebrations that took place during or around 1876; the year that Colorado was granted statehood.

The flag also features inscriptions, including the years "'88" and 1910 in two different places on the hoist end. These inscriptions were written by previous the owner/s of the flag.


Overall good and stable condition. Visible stains and scattered small holes across the field; darkening to colors. Slight loss at bottom of fly end. Printed patent date and written inscriptions are faded but legible. Flag has been stabilized and mounted in a custom frame, framed according to the highest conservation standards. 

Framed dimensions 70"W x 52.5"L x 2.5"D


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