35-Star "Civil War Era" Handmade American Flag, circa 1863-1864

This is an exceptional handmade Civil War era American flag that displays a Classic folk feel. The flag has exceptional provenance and has been in the same family until just recently.

West Virginia is our 35th state and joined the Union on June 20, 1863. The secession of West Virginia from Virginia, which resulted in the introduction of another state in the Union lead to great tension between various sympathizers of either cause, especially along the Virginia-West Virginia and West-Virginia-Ohio borders. The 35-star flag is the only count that falls squarely into the active period of the war. Additionally, it should be noted that 35 star flags were only produced for less than a year-and-a-half -- making extremely desirable and collected.

The flag is constructed of red, white and blue wool fabric, treadle sewn with Primitive hand cut stars. Although, the flag has a few minor areas of thread loss, fabric is faded, consistent with age -- its overall visual appeal is fantastic.

Presented in a beautiful frame using the finest archival materials and procedures.

Actual flag size: 32.5" x 53"

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