21-Star "Southern Exclusionary" Flag, Circa 1860-1865

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This is a striking 21-star "Civil War Era" American flag.  This star count flag normally dates back to 1819, when James Monroe was President, and Illinois joined the Union as the 21st state.  However, the fabric and mode of construction of this flag suggest it was made in the 1850s-1870s.  That is why we strongly believe this to be an example of a “southern-exclusionary” flag, where the number of stars represents the states that remained loyal to the Union during the Civil War. 

The maker of this flag probably was a member of the George and Caroline Wolf family, since the initial “W” is embroidered on the reverse of one of the handmade stars. The flag descended in the Wolf family of Randolph and later Jefferson Twp., Montgomery County, OH.  According to Wolf descendants, this flag was displayed on the balcony of the Wolf’s farmhouse on Wolf Road in Jefferson Twp. every Independence Day for many years. 

The flag is constructed completed of cotton with 21 embroidered stars and 9 hand-whipped and treadle-sewn stripes. 

Unframed Size: 50"x 108" (unfolded)

Framed Size: 67" H x 74.5" W x 4" D


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