20th Century Commemorative 34-Star American Flag with "Great Star" Pattern

This is a 20th century commemorative flag with 34 stars in recognition of when Kansas was admitted into the Union. Kansas was admitted to the Union on January 29th, 1861, about two-and-a-half months before the first shots of the Civil War were fired. The 34th star was officially added on July 4th of that year, and remained the official flag until July 4th, 1863, when West Virginia was admitted to the Union.

The stars of this flag are arranged in what is sometimes called the "Great Flower" pattern, or "Great Star" pattern. Stars on the canton are arranged in a star pattern with a single star in the center. The large center star makes the pattern appear as if it were the center of a flower. 

The Great Star configuration is the one of the most sought-after and collectible flags, due to the extremely unique placement of the stars upon the flag's canton. This specific type pattern came about shortly before 1818, when Congressman Peter Wendover of New York requested that Captain Samuel Reid help him create a new flag design that would become the third official format of the Stars & Stripes. Reid's concept of placing all the stars in a star-shaped pattern would have kept the constellation in roughly the same format as the number of states grew and more stars were added, in a distinct design that could be quickly identified on the open seas. Though his proposal was rejected by President Monroe, due to the increased cost of arranging the stars in this manner, the unique pattern was ultimately produced by anyone willing to make it.


Flag has hand cut and hand-stitched stars on a medium blue canton. The red and white alternating stripes are also stitched. The original headband is intact, with three holes from when it was displayed on a flagpole. The flag is in good condition. It has some light overall toning, more present along the white stripes and fly end. All stars are firmly attached and intact.

This flag has been archivally presented, mounted on an acid-free linen mat, with a linen wrapped spandrel and top mat. The framing design is completed with UV archival glass and a custom-built black wooden frame. A descriptive gold-leaf plaque is mounted at bottom center of the top mat. Framed dimensions: 31" H x 39.5" W x 2"D.

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