1943 Stanley Turner Pictorial Map of the United States During WWII

A striking pictorial map by Stanley Turner, published in 1943. The map presents the United States during World War II and is so titled “United States at War.” Around the map’s edges are several vignette illustrations depicting key historical moments, as well as WWII events which involved U.S. military forces. Each state is decorated with state flag, state flower, capitals, and key industries.

The map emphasizes the burgeoning industrial strength of the United States and its effect on the Allied war effort. Natural and human resources are illustrated in each of the forty-eight states, from iron ore, coal, wheat, and livestock, to hydroelectric power and shipbuilding.

An inset chart in the lower left quadrant features detailed statistics regarding Army and Navy personnel, naval fleets, additional military camps and locations, and more. In the upper right quadrant is an inset map of the various “Ocean Fronts.”

The map was published by C.C. Peterson, Publishing and Advertising, in Toronto, Ontario. It was engraved by U.S.A International Circulation Company, Inc., New York City. This original map is rather scarce and is known to be in the holdings of three U.S. prominent libraries.


The map is in very good condition. Color is original and vibrant. Paper is healthy. The map is artfully presented in an archival, custom-built wooden frame. Framed dimensions: 33" H x 26 1/2" W x 1" D.

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