1931 Map of The Travels of George Washington

This informative and descriptive map follows the travels of George Washington in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, between 1731 and 1799. Compiled and drawn in the Cartographic Section of the National Geographic Society for The National Geographic Magazine, this map was edited by Gilbert Grosvenor.

The map was created for the two hundred year anniversary of George Washington’s birth, copyrighted in 1931 and published in 1932. Places visited by Washington are lettered in red. Roman numerals were used to indicate routes and the time period of Washington's travels.

The principle map features the eastern coast of the United States, from Maine all the way down to Georgia. It includes towns, colonial highways, historic or notable sites, bodies of water, and other geological features, with relief shown in hachures. Several inset maps are included at right: "New York and The Lower Hudson," "Tidewater Virginia," "Mount Vernon," "Philadelphia and Vicinity," and "Boston and Vicinity."

Condition: Map color is original and still vibrant. Minor splits along fold lines, one in map, rest are in outer margins. The map is uniquely housed in an antique windowpane frame, with title, date, and key cities painted in script on the glass.

Framed dimensions: 34 1/2" H x 26 5/8" W x 2" D.

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