1905 The George Bell Co's. Guide Map of Denver

This is a detailed antique map of Denver, Colorado. It was published in 1905 by George Bell Company, Mineralogists, Lapidaries and Manufacturing Jewelers, located at 437 17th Street in Denver.

The map offers intricate details of streets and blocks in Denver. Significant landmarks have been noted. Included is a key on the right side locating public buildings, squares, hotels, churches and other points of interest. Two significant locations are marked on the map in red: The George Bell's Co. store and The Famous Home Dairy Restaurant. The George Bell Company, whose name is printed on the front of the city map booklet, exhibited mounted and unmounted gem stones, which were cut in-shop. They even offered gem stone cutting demonstrations for interested guests. This pocket map was produced with the assistance of this mineralogist company.

The map is presented along with its original booklet, which has been mounted to the left of the map.


Very good condition for age. Very slight discoloration along fold lines. Mounted with original booklet which is in very good condition. Framed according to the highest conservation standards.

Framed dimensions: 25" H x 27" W x 1 1/2"D.

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