1902 Map Showing the Location of Battle Fields of Virginia - Railroad Promotional Brochure

Presented is an original map from 1902 showing the locations of battlefields across Virginia and the surrounding area during the Civil War. This promotional map was printed in a railroad brochure and details a total of 105 battlefields in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay and the Ohio Railway run through the center of the map.

The map features a small inset map of the Chesapeake and Ohio Route at the bottom left. Railway routes are detailed in black across the map, while battlefields are marked with a small circled 'x' in red.

This detailed map features a chronological listing of the main battles of the Civil War. The listing also names various Union and Confederate casualties. This map was produced in the early 20th century by the Great Army of the Republic for the 36th Annual Encampment, which took place in Washington D.C. in October of 1902.


Overall very good condition. The map features bright coloring with very minor fold lines. Many battlefields are marked in red ink notations. Framed according to conservation standards in a custom frame.

Framed Dimensions: 24 1/2" H x 37" W x 1" D

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