1790 A Particular Map of the American Lakes & Rivers by Jean B. D'Anville

A Particular Map of the American Lakes & Rivers Published in London for John Harrison

This is a large 1790 map of the United States issued shortly after Independence. The map was created by Jean B. D'Anville’s and was originally issued in 1755, with this revised edition drawn and engraved by John Harrison in a slightly smaller format.

D’Anville had direct access to the official French records of North America, and so his American maps are known for their excellent and clearly presented detail.  Though the map is focused on the rivers and lakes, it also contains good information on towns and Native American settlements. The Mississippi and its tributaries, including the lower part of the Missouri, are shown with excellent information.

The map is in excellent condition and has been hand-colored after publication.

Actual Map Size: 28" x 19.7"

Framed Size: 30.25" H x 39.5" W x 2" D

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