1891 Survey for Military Defenses Map of Northeastern VA and Vicinity of Washington - Sheet 2 in Antique Wooden Frame

This is an attractive and highly detailed Civil War map of Northern Virginia, which shows the Confederate and Union forts and works in red and blue overprinting. The map covers the area south and west of the District of Colombia- including Fauquier, Prince William, Stafford, and Charles counties, with portions of Culpepper, Orange, Spotsylvania, and King George counties depicted as well.

The map indicates roads, railroads, smaller rivers, and topography- all factors that influenced the outcome of several key battles during the Civil War. There is tremendous specificity given to the run of the Potomac River. It also highlights towns and city names. The sheet includes a table that lists sources in the creation of the map, as well as elevations above tidewater.

The map is plate VIII in “The Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies 1861-1865.” It was drawn by J.J. Young and W. Hesselbach, lithographed by Julius Bien & Co.

This is a Great Republic exclusive presentation of the Northern Virginia Civil War map. The frame is made from re-purposed 19th century window framing taken from a razed building in Chicago. And the glass has been hand-painted on the surface with the map's title, publication date and major Civil War battles.

An exceptional piece of history displayed in a completely unique style.

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