Edward S. Curtis Signed Original Platinum Photograph of an Apache Indian, circa 1887

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This is an unpublished, Edward Curtis signed platinum print of an Apache Indian in a stunning gold-leaf closed-end frame. It is an exceptional one-of-a-kind piece from America's most prolific western photographer.

Edward S. Curtis created one of the most enduring and iconic visual records in the history of the photographic medium, a record that has informed our vision of who we are and where we came from. The images he created during his extraordinary, 30 year odyssey have touched viewers throughout the world. Today he is believed to be the world’s most widely collected and exhibited fine art photographer. Over 1000 books, reviews, and articles have been written about Curtis and/or illustrated by his photographs, and his work has been exhibited in venues in over 40 countries. He was an award-winning artist, a consummate craftsman, a visionary, an intrepid entrepreneur, and was highly regarded as a respected ethnographer, publisher, and groundbreaking filmmaker.

His work changed the way an entire nation viewed Native Americans. He accomplished this at a time when some individuals were actively advocating for the relocation of numerous tribes. His images have also moved and inspired extraordinarily broad and diverse audiences, transcending economic, cultural, social, educational, and national boundaries. Curtis co-created this unparalleled artistic, anthropological record with an estimated 10,000 Native participants. Today many Native people and their tribes find Curtis’ work an invaluable source for cultural and linguistic revivification.

Image size: 8" H x 5" W.

Frame size: 17.5" 14" x 2" D.

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